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All Activities

All Activities

Integrated Education
Our school educates children from lower kinder-garden to class eight. Children follow the normal curriculum of academic studies as outlined by the state of Uttar Pradesh. The school consists of 400 children studying under the guidance of 27 teaching and supporting.
Every able children is eager to help out his or her peer with disability . Thus there is a lot of confidence in the disabled to face the outside world with courage. Here at Premjyoti, both disabled and able bodied students compete on equal terms whether it is academic, sport, dance, music or vocational skills.

Special Education
This relates specifically to students suffering from mental retardation, cerebral palsy and hearing impairment. For them a special curriculum has been designed. A special educator helps them with academic basic skills such as personal hygiene, dressing, grooming, language skills, gardening, crafts, yoga, painting, etc.
The special educator makes use of pictures, flashcards, live objects to impart knowledge to these special students. Unfortunately many of such persons suffer the fate of being hidden in dark corners by ashamed and ignorant families.

Everyday mid day meal is served to children with disability.

Dalit and Tribald Education

This refers to children from the lowest cast from the society. there is a lack of awareness about education among these families and they often send their children for child labor. We want them to also receive acceptance and equality. Only through good education they can achieve it.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are conducted for children from class one onwards. In order to keep the mind and body fit. 


A man is known by the company he keeps. and what best company he can have than that of good books? It is said that a good library is the heart of the school. Keeping all this in mind we have a small library with story books, comics, spiritual books, books of general knowledge, etc. Everyday students spend 45 minutes in the library.

Rehabilitation Services

Outreach Unit for people with disabilities. 

We belive family involvement is an essential part of recovery process. We do survey in different villages and remain in touch with children families, discuss medicall conditions, need of treatment, education and do the parents counseling support. We hold awareness and assessment camps in different villages and invite qualified personalities from the medical profession to counsel villages. We help them undergo surgery free of cost and to aids and appliances. Up to now we helped 162 cases for free surgery. 

Physio Therapy

Physio Therapy is given to all the needy children in the school as well as children in the villages. 

Mobility Equipment 

Mobility Equipment are given to children and older people with disabilities after their surgery, after their correction of limbs and also those who approach us for equipment.

Vocational training
We provide our students the opportunity to learn different crafts to equip them with the skills to learn a living. At present they learn tailoring, embroidery, candle making, weaving, painting, book binding, typing, making cards, stuffed toys and gardening. We have a special tailoring class for disabled children.

Social Service

We organize helth check up camps and awareness camps for poor people and children twice a year and distribute free medicines. An vaccination programm for children also conducted. We provide some timely help to poor people of the locality for the medical treatment, for the funerals and also micro financial support for their livelihood.

premjyoti disablededucation

Teaching children with special education needs

premjyoti tailoringunit

Vocational training in villages for women 

About Us

Premjyoti society was born on October 4th 1996, in a small hut with two disabled students, and today it is striving to bring light into lives that never need to be dark again.

Premjyoti Society
vill. & Post – Chiraigaon, Distt.: Varanasi-221112, U.P., India
Pawan: 0091-9198241710 / Sheela: 0091-7388916898. /


Contact persons:

Mr. Pawan Kumar (Director)
Mrs. Sheela (Principal)

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Mr. Pawan Kumar (Director)

Mrs. Sheela (Principal)